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Contract Research and Bioassays

Benzon Research is an independent contract research facility that performs insecticide bioassays of many types and against many species of insects. We have extensive experience with microbial agents such as B.t.'s and viruses but also work with pyrethroids, synergists, plant essential oils, IGR's and many other biorationals. Just a few of the bioassays are pictured below.

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Diet incorporation, diet surface contamination, leaf-disc, droplet feeding, and topical application bioassays can be used with any of the lepidopteran species that are colonized in-house, along with other species available from outside sources. The picture to the right shows the scoring of a baculovirus bioassay against Helicoverpa zea.
Hzea bioassay reading

  Dosing mosquito larvae with B.t.i.
 Cups containing Aedes aegypti larvae (left) are being dosed with a production lot of B.t. israelensis for label standardization. We routinely test B.t.i. fermentation broths, concentrates,  powders, granules, briquets, and other formulations from all over the world.
Bioassays are also performed as part of fermentation or  formulation improvement efforts and storage stability studies.

The droplet-feeding bioassay works remarkably well for certain combinations of active ingredient and species. To the right, droplets containing blue dye and baculovirus particles are being presented to neonate larvae of the corn earworm, Helicoverpa zea . Fed larvae will be held on artificial diet for several days before determining mortality.
droplet bioassay

Leaf Disk Assay We have used leaf-disk assays in a variety of ways. The collard leaf disks on the left were punched from plants that were treated and  exposed to weather for several weeks. The disks were then infested with laboratory-reared diamondback moth larvae.

In addition to the above types of assays, Benzon Research can evaluate additives for feeding stimulation or deterency, perform topical applications and direct injections to arthropods as small as ticks, and evaluate sublethal effects.

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